Micah Rosenbloom

Micah Rosenbloom

Having built 3 start-ups and raised 4 rounds of capital, Micah Rosenbloom’s unique background in entrepreneurial ventures stretches across sectors, and, in turn, has rewarded him with a wealth of knowledge of the venture community. In 2010, he joined Founder Collective full-time as a Venture Partner. Rosenbloom believes Founder Collective’s advantage is in its ability and willingness, as a committed early-stage investor, to play an active role in supporting and digging into the endeavors it backs, rather than sitting passively by and hoping for the best.

“We’re really hands-on guys,” he says of Founder Collective’s founding partners. ‘We’re not career investors, we’re start-up guys. With early-stage stuff, you can get really hands-on, and put things together and shepherd things along, and I think we’re in a good position to do that. I think the strategy plays really well to our strengths.’

Prior to joining Founder Collective, Rosenbloom played an instrumental role as Co-Founder in such start-ups such as Hankshake.com, web based software which connects users to service providers; Brontes, a dental imaging company; and Sample6, a company developing breakthrough technologies to better protect the food supply.

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