Venture Capital Fund-of-Funds

Square 1 Ventures capitalizes on the nationwide network of venture industry veterans at Square 1 Bank to gain access to historically overcommitted venture capital firms. Perhaps more importantly, the bank’s broad client base allows Square 1 Ventures to stay attuned to smaller, sector-specific firms and next generation managers who often drive returns in the venture capital asset class. 

With real-time insight from the bankers of Square 1 Bank who work alongside many portfolio companies and venture capital funds throughout the US, Square 1 Ventures also achieves a qualitative and quantitative information advantage. This proprietary knowledge is integral in due diligence and enables Square 1 Ventures to pursue a forward-looking investment strategy focused on future potential, rather than solely past performance. 

Square 1 Ventures believes that the best returns in venture capital are produced by smaller funds that have focused strategies, maintain accessibility to senior partners for portfolio companies, are incentivized primarily through carried interest, and in which a single portfolio company is able to significantly impact the return of the entire fund. As a result, Square 1 Ventures primarily targets smaller funds and sector-specific funds, while also committing to consistently performing larger funds and promising next generation managers.