A portfolio benchmarked to your risk horizon. An investment process aligned to your business objectives.

Our clients do not fit a pre-defined strategy.  With liquidity, risk tolerance and strategic objectives uniquely their own, we build portfolios that consider each of their needs. We specialize exclusively in managing cash portfolios that consider:

  • Board-mandated investment restrictions
  • Dynamic capex schedules
  • High degrees of scale and growth
  • Taxation considerations
  • C-level transparency needs
  • Full GAAP reporting and GLs on public company reporting deadlines


Eliminating the Biases of Investment Management

We don’t underwrite securities, we hold no inventory, our fee is based entirely on assets managed, not by taking one risk strategy over another.  Our exclusively buy side internal credit expertise focuses only on the safety of the investments we make for clients.  We bear a full fiduciary standard for each of our clients. We are required by law to act in your interest first for every aspect of our role.