Square Roots


Square 1 Bank is dedicated to helping early stage entrepreneurs build successful companies. We understand that true help is needed early — before money has been raised.

To serve this need, we are proud to offer Square Roots, a program dedicated to helping pre venture companies and early stage entrepreneurs prepare for the myriad of obstacles they face. 

Our aim is to be a true partner and get involved with the early issues — from refining the plan and pitch, to finding mentors, to assisting with an executive search, to connecting you with our extensive network within the venture community. Square 1 Bank offers this competitive banking package to get your company started with a partnership that understands your needs — from start up and beyond. 

Enrollment in the Square Roots program is based on predetermined criteria uniquely related to start up companies. Our Square Roots team is available to discuss your enrollment in the program. When you are ready to get started, they will also assist with opening your accounts and helping to choose and establish the banking services best suited for your company. 

To request an application or to reach a Square Roots partner, you may contact us directly:

Svetlana Lebedeva, SVP, Square Roots
Zack Mansfield, VP, Square Roots