Square 1 Values

Since first opening the doors of Square 1 Bank in 2005, we have come a long way. The road we have traveled has not been the often-perceived exciting glamour of a startup. It has been a road marked by long hours and challenging, changing endeavors. The result—Square 1’s unprecedented progress—is directly tied to the dedication demonstrated by our people on a daily basis.

The original values of Square 1 were officially recorded in 2005, shortly after we opened. The ideals set down captured all that we had set out to build: an institution unlike any other. It was accessible and responsive, direct and honest. Our intent was to build a bank for the right reasons, the right way. Since these early days, our Square 1 Values have become our Square 1 Traditions; they shape every facet of how we do business.

Be a Partner

Develop, maintain and nurture relationships.

Act Like An Entrepreneur

Be innovative, creative, visionary and tenacious.

Be Passionate

Passion drives us, attracts prospects and bonds customers.


Today Not Tomorrow. Act with a sense of urgency.

Be Square

Be genuine, clear and straightforward. Be accountable. Take responsibility.

Here, tradition is not used in the customary, dusty meaning of the word, but rather as it applies uniquely to Square 1—it is a tradition steeped in entrepreneurialism. Entrepreneurs are visionary and tenacious, always looking to improve on the status quo. From its inception, Square 1 has been an institution that attracts and nurtures those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

As entrepreneurs, Square 1’s traditions, our Square 1 Values, ensure our adaptability and continued growth. In the face of challenge and change, they are the source of our strength. Our people are the embodiment of those values, and their strength is the vehicle by which we will move from our rich history into our vibrant future.