Welcome to Square 1 Asset Management

Square 1 Asset Management offers an investment process aligned to your business objectives, managed by an experienced team of seasoned investment professionals.

Square 1 Asset Management, a subsidiary of Square 1 Bank, is a cash management solution designed exclusively for corporations and their institutional investors, tailored to meet each client’s unique liquidity management needs.  Square 1 Bank is a full service commercial bank that provides financial products and services to the venture capital community and entrepreneurs in all stages of growth and expansion. 

Our goal is to revolutionize the experience, access and ease of how corporate cash is managed.  We combine renowned asset management knowledge, integrated operations and transparency to create strong, lasting relationships that our clients never outgrow.  From tech startups to venture capital leaders, each of our clients enjoys a tailored asset management solution previously available only to Fortune 500 firms.


Square 1 Asset Management was formed by leadership from major providers of corporate cash asset management.  The team offers an unparalleled track record of delivering safety, liquidity and service to their institutional capital and corporate cash clients.

Best in Class Solutions

All of Square 1 Asset Management’s clients utilize a cash management solution set that was previously available only to large cap public firms.  Services include top-tier independent asset custody, real-time comprehensive portfolio reporting, and on-demand access to C-level service, credit and strategy.

Perspective + Alignment

Square 1 Asset Management believes in credit fundamentals first.  Our clients fixed income investments must meet our renowned emphasis on transparency and liquidity for every investment, at every duration.  Our mandate to deliver zero principal loss and on-demand liquidity for all of our clients requires a unique degree of focus and market perspective.

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