Specialty Finance

Flexible and fast financing solutions to give you access to the capital you need to grow your business.

At Square 1 Bank, we are focused on providing customized banking solutions created to fit your business and its needs. With accounts receivable financing, you can:

  • Delay necessity of an equity round
  • Increase valuation before equity round
  • Convert accounts receivable to cash
  • Avoid traditional debt
  • Smooth out/accelerate cash flow

Funds can be used to pay off existing debt, purchase new inventory and equipment, or expand your facilities. Our team works quickly to provide clients with access to capital through customized deal structure, superb administration and exemplary customer service. 

Staffed by seasoned asset-based lending professionals, the Specialty Finance team is a proven leader in providing emerging growth companies with flexible and efficient financing solutions. To speak with someone about A/R financing, our team of experts is here to serve you:

Mark Cameron, Sales + Marketing
Ron Ernst, Director of Operations
Mike Henry, Portfolio Manager
Dave Foster, Portfolio Manager
Marty Zankich, Portfolio Manager

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