Remembering Richard

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In November of 2010, Square 1 lost its Founder, CEO and Chairman, Richard J. Casey. Considered by many as a friend, coach and brilliant mentor, Richard’s charm and approachability left anyone in his presence feeling immediately welcomed and inspired.

Richard was a generous and inclusive person who welcomed you into his home and heart with the greatest of warmth and affection. Always a willing host, he often entertained at his house in Pinehurst where he could share his love of golf and the comforts of home.

As a United States Navy veteran, Richard loved life and his country. He was an American war history buff, having been fascinated by famous military leaders such as Winston Churchill and George C. Marshall. American politics were also a great dedication of his, and he was known to have the news channel on for hours on end to keep informed.

A devoted husband, Richard loved his wife and best friend Susan. Together, they founded Square 1 Bank in 2005 out of their passion for entrepreneurialism. He believed that entrepreneurship and innovation were the very foundation upon which America was built. Richard thought that there was a fresh approach to banking exclusively devoted to the unique needs of startups that could be different. One that was flexible, accessible and high touch, and led by experienced team players “who get it”. After five years, under his strategic vision, Square 1 reached over $1 billion in assets, 10 offices nationwide, 170 employees, and over 1,000 customers.

Richard was formerly the President of the Emerging Growth Division, Managing Director of Comerica Ventures and Executive Vice President of Comerica Bank (formerly Imperial Bank). During his tenure at Imperial Bank, Richard founded and managed the Emerging Growth Division, which grew under his watch to in excess of $3 billion in deposits, $850 million in loans, 1,000 customers and warrant positions and 19 locations throughout the country.

Richard’s magnetism and influence affected all who knew him. He was a consummate entrepreneur, patriot, visionary, teacher and partner. To meet him was to meet a good man and to make a great friend.