Other General Security Considerations

  • Consider a “dual-control” environment for reviewing your bank account(s) and processing financial transactions, i.e., do not have the same individual/employee issuing your payments/checks and balancing your accounts. 
  • Consider periodic audits of your financial records and have them performed by someone other than the employee(s) directly responsible for maintaining these records.
  • Lock your financial documents when not being used, and limit the number of people who can access this information.
  • Reduce the amount of mail and paper with your personal information printed on it, and thereby reduce the chance of criminals stealing it.
  • Read web site privacy policies for answers about access, accuracy, security and controls surrounding the information the site may collect, as well as how the information collected will be used and if it will be shared with other third parties.
  • Take advantage of additional services available to you, like Positive Pay and online bill payment services, which may help to protect your accounts. For additional information, contact your Square 1 representative (1-866-355-0468).
  • Document your internal security program and conduct periodic security training sessions with your employees to review this information.