Marcia Darrin

Client Services, VCS + Contact
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406 Blackwell Street, Ste 240

Durham, NC 27701

P: 919.314.3041
F: 919.314.3080


Client Services
Venture Capital Services



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Job Description

Marcia is the face of VCS for our clients. She handles many complex VCS relationships with multiple entities and a multitude of accounts. She knows the firms and their people and assists them in the smooth day to day operation of their business.

Outside the Square
  • Once accepted an innovative and iffy job in banking to manage a new department created to oversee a strange new machine ... an ATM! Needless to say, the department expanded dramatically.
  • Marcia has 30 plus years in the banking industry.
  • In 2004 she was awarded the Exceptional Performer Award for Business Sense, Productivity and Service Excellence. In 2009 was presented with the VCS MVP Award by the VCS team.

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