Why We Launched the Watermark Index

// Laurie Lumenti Garty

December 1, 2014 - This week marks an important milestone for Watermark and the women it serves in the Bay Area community.  We officially launched the Watermark Index, which is the first of its kind to highlight companies that are leading the pack with respect to inclusion, leadership and women-friendly development programs and policies, as well as to gauge trends and best practices for improving the representation of women among Bay Area employers.
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Hiring For Talent vs. Culture - A Good Problem to Have...But Still a Problem

// Peter Meath

November 18, 2014 - It is a mistake that many startups make. You have just started a company. You found early success. The money is rolling in, and so are the job applications. All of a sudden you have gone from being “The Little Engine That Could” to an express train on your way to an IPO. It is very easy during these times to focus on bringing in the highest level of talent—namely, talent in the form of impressive resumes pouring into your inbox from job candidates who likely would not have blinked an eye at your startup six to twelve months ago. It is important, however, to weigh the talent that is coming across your desk to something equally, if not more, important—a cultural fit.
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Leadership in Depth: Path to Execution, Part I

// Thomas L. Steding, Ph.D.

November 18, 2014 - This article is co-authored by Howard Teich, Ph.D.

Virtually all persistent business problems have a psychological root. So the authors agreed in the first 15 minutes of what has become a long-term and fruitful partnership. The key word here is “persistent”: chronic

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Venture Fundraising Update Q3 2014

// Wiley Becker

November 18, 2014 - In Q3 2014, 60 US venture capital funds raised $6.1B according to Thomson Reuters and the NVCA. With $23.8B having been raised year to date, 2014 has already surpassed 2013 in the total capital raised. On a rolling four-quarter basis, the number of funds is down slightly by 1%, while capital raised continues to increase by 6%. Consequently, the average fund size increased 7% on a rolling four-quarter basis to $109MM as of Q3 2014.
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Big Data Wildcatting

// Nic Poulos

November 5, 2014 - From its debut in the late 1980’s, the term “Big Data”—like its lexical cousins Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma—was engineered to intimidate. Steve Lohr of the New York Times wrote  a wonderful account  of its origin as a phrase just last year. One originator was author  Erik Larson —of Devil in the White City fame—who lamented the adverts piling in his mailbox (the original spam some might say).
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Fraud Protection Series Part III - Email & Computer/Network Security

// Laura Danni

November 5, 2014 - Parts I and II of this series discussed common threats and payment fraud safeguards.  As I wrap things up in Part III, I’d like to remind you to be diligent and proactive in utilizing best practices to support your email and computer/network security protocols.  This helps to block threats that could open the door for fraudulent transactions.  To put it simply, work hard to deflect threat opportunities before they become a reality.
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