There is No Book on Running SaaS Companies

// Todd Krizelman

October 21, 2014 -

I’ve been charging for content for most of my 20 year career.  I got started during my junior year in undergrad in 1994 by selling a $100 annual subscription to chat online at TheGlobe.com.  By the end of the first year, we had a USPS box stuffed with checks (credit cards were accepted online, but not popular).  It took however a couple years to really understand willingness to pay and how to price the product.

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Venture Performance Update Q2 2014

// Wiley Becker

October 21, 2014 -

The ten year time horizon of the US Venture Capital Index® by Cambridge Associates LLC continued its improvement in Q2 2014 to 10.32%, while the one, three, and fifteen year time horizons slipped slightly. Additionally, the US Venture Capital Index® outpaced the standard public indices in the ten year and greater time horizons. Returns were primarily driven by the Early Stage US Venture Capital Index, which outperformed the Late Stage Index in all but the five and ten year time horizons.


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Help Me Help You

// Andy Weyer

October 21, 2014 - One of my favorite movies is  Jerry McGuire . Like  Shawshank Redemption , it's one of those movies that I'll inevitably stumble upon while flipping through basic cable on a lazy Sunday afternoon and it somehow compels me to endure two hours of commercials even though I've already seen it a dozen times. 
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Global Competition

// Ho Nam

October 8, 2014 - Having made investments in Silicon Valley as well as more than a dozen companies overseas, I wanted to share two surprising lessons I’ve learned about the changing nature of global competition.
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When to Bring a Startup CFO On Board

// Sirk Roh

October 8, 2014 - Early stage and small companies need CFOs with a different mindset and skills than their peers’ in large organizations. Of course, early stage CFOs can and do manage P&L and handle investor relations, but they also do a lot more. How do you know when it’s time to bring one on? And more importantly, what exactly does a startup CFO do?


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Best Practices for Safeguarding Against Payment Fraud

// Laura Danni

October 8, 2014 - Phishing emails, compromised legitimate websites and malware are tools often used by fraudsters to conduct unauthorized ACH transactions and wire transfers. In this post, I’ll focus on best practices to safeguard against payment fraud.


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