3D Printing: Gutenberg 2.0

// Erin Flynn

January 28, 2015 - In the mid-1400s, Gutenberg changed the world by creating the first printing press, enabling the mass distribution of ideas. In the early 2000s, an expanding community of entrepreneurs discovered how to enable the mass distribution of not just ideas, but matter! 3D printing is the Gutenberg Press of stuff, and the implications are far-reaching.
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How to Tell if Your Startup is Ready to Raise Equity Funding

// David Ehrenberg

January 28, 2015 - You’ve identified a pain point. You’vee come up with a solution. You’ve thought through your offering—and it’s a winner. You’re ready for next steps. You’re ready to raise equity funding. Or are you? Before working your contacts and networking like crazy to connect with VCs, you need to make sure that you’ve fully assessed the business opportunity.
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Simple is Not Always Easy

// Peter Meath

January 28, 2015 - I recently sat down with a CEO/entrepreneur and went over his updated operational strategy for 2015. He has a very young SaaS-based business focused on finance and expense management. So far the company has found early success in serving regional small- and medium-sized businesses, but recently they’ve seen interest from the larger enterprise market. He was sure the company could easily double sales by “simply” devoting more sales talent to chasing after these larger opportunities. After all, he explained, there are little if any technical or engineering updates that need to be made, and they have already identified some very good enterprise-level prospects.
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Leadership In Depth Path to Execution Part III: Critical Habits of Mind

// Thomas L. Steding, Ph.D.

January 14, 2015 - This article is co-authored by Howard Teich, Ph.D.
In Parts I and II of this series, we presented a diagnostic model for identifying hidden factors that often drive outcome, and a set of practices establishing a self-regulating system for overcoming commonly observed leadership dysfunctionality. Here we take another step beyond to define several habits of thinking that reinforce and extend the advantages so far described.
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The Amazing Impact of (Appropriate) Debt in SaaS Startups

// Zack Mansfield

January 14, 2015 - Redpoint’s Tom Tunguz is one of my favorite VC bloggers for his use of data and visualizations to unlock truths about growing companies. In May 2014, he wrote a piece entitled “A Surprisingly Powerful Mechanism for Growing a SaaS Startup. Tom’s main point was that SaaS businesses that can bill and collect cash annually up front have a materially different working capital reality than those that are forced to bill and collect monthly or quarterly. This upfront cash can be used to fund operations, but it also is important because it extends runway, enabling the company to delay the pricing of a follow-on round and reduce the dilution for existing shareholders.
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The Current State of the Financial Markets

// David Schawel

January 14, 2015 - Every year since the end of the financial crisis it seems like economic pundits have proclaimed that “this is the year rates will rise.” We are now six years past the crisis, and the Federal Reserve still hasn’t raised overnight rates. Equally interesting is that longer-term US Treasury yields have fallen precipitously of late, with the 10-year falling below 2% and the 30-year at ~2.50%.
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