How to Maintain Exceptional Client Service in a Growing Company

// Kurt Ruesch

September 2, 2014 - Kurt Ruesch, Square 1 Bank founder and director of client services, offers advice on maintaining a service-first culture as your company grows.
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Protecting Intellectual Property: The "Wow, that's Cool!" Factor™

// John L. Sotomayor

September 2, 2014 - Over the years, the one consistent question I have been asked by inventors, innovators and business executives is "how do you know that something is patentable?"  It is a valid question, as you cannot protect patentable inventions if you are not aware that you have them. As a result, I developed the "Wow, that's cool!" factor to provide a common sense approach to determining whether something is novel and non-obvious. 
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Q2 2014 Venture Investments Update

// Wiley Becker

September 2, 2014 - $13.0B was invested in 1,114 venture-backed companies in Q2 2014, marking the highest quarterly dollar total since Q1 2001 according to the MoneyTreeTM Report.  While this was a rolling four quarter increase of 17% in capital invested, the number of deals increased only 3%.
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Decoding Diligence

// Anthony P. Lee

August 6, 2014 -

One of the most mystifying parts of venture fundraising is the murky process of due diligence.  There is a ton of advice out there on how to get in and pitch a venture investor, but little on how to manage the ‘boring-sounding’ but critical due diligence process.  Yet this is where make or break happens for many venture deals.  Due diligence is the homework that investors do – tech reviews, reference calls, market checks – to understand the opportunities and risks of an investment.  For some investors, diligence is a structured process.  For others, it’s an informal dating ritual.  Either way, it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand the process and manage it.


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Q2 2014 Venture Fundraising Update

// Wiley Becker

August 5, 2014 -

Both Number of Funds and Capital Raised Continues Upward Trajectory

Capital Continues to be Highly Concentrated with a Small Number of Funds

Number of New Funds Also Increases, but Only Accounts for 8% of Total Capital Raised 

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The ABCs of Term Sheets

// David Ehrenberg

August 5, 2014 - For start-ups looking to grow (and which ones aren’t?), getting the first term sheet can be a critical milestone in nurturing a successful business. In this post, I want to take a look at the contents of a standard agreement, variations, and common pitfalls. Stick to the ABCs: Anticipate investors’ concerns and information requirements; Be aware of the pitfalls; Remember that all agreements are Conditional, with the terms subject to change.
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