Gone are the days of operating solely in your backyard, never having to work beyond your border.  Operations on a global level are no longer vast and impossible, they're expected.

Square 1 Bank provides products and services for entrepreneurs and venture backed companies to make entry into the global economy smooth and easy.

To speak to a member of our team about your need for global market services, you may email us. Or we can also be contacted directly: 

Stasia Harris , SVP, Treasury Management

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Global Trade

    Global Trade

    Square 1 Bank can help you manage risks and costs by leveraging our experience and global relationships. We can provide payment risk mitigation through export letters of credit and documentary collections, creative solutions for your unique trade needs, and enhance your vendor relationships with import letters of credit and documentary collections.


    >> Open Account Processing

    We are ready to assist you when your supplier moves you to open account.  We can help reduce the hidden costs of open account processing by reviewing documents and making payments to your supplier.

    >> Eximbank Products

    Square 1 Bank is ready to assist you with needs related to Eximbank inlcuding Export Credit Insurance, Working Capital Guarantees (Eximbank or SBA) and Loan Guarantees.

    >> Banker's Acceptances

    Whether through the terms of a letter of credit or on the basis of a trade transaction alone, Square 1 Bank is able to provide financing terms to you to cover your trade transaction.

    >> Letters of Credit

    Standby, Import, Export and Documentary Guarantees
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  • Correspondent Banking