Gone are the days of operating solely in your backyard, never having to work beyond your border.  Operations on a global level are no longer vast and impossible, they're expected.

Square 1 Bank provides products and services for entrepreneurs and venture backed companies to make entry into the global economy smooth and easy.

To speak to a member of our team about your need for global market services, you may email us. Or we can also be contacted directly: 

Stasia Harris , SVP, Treasury Management

  • Foreign Exchange

    Foreign Exchange

    It is often necessary to conduct business in multiple currencies and Square 1’s FX platform allows clients to do just that. Our partnerships with the global banking institutions allow us to provide great execution and a variety of valuable services. We also offer consultation for complex needs including currency hedging.


    >> Spot Transactions

    The purchase or sale of currency for immediate delivery at the current market rate, with the average settlement taking two business days. Square 1 Bank can arrange drafts or wire payments for spot delivery at competitive rates to settle a company's foreign currency payables.
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    >> Forward Contracts

    Forward Contracts are foreign exchange contracts that specify the delivery of currency at a future date while establishing the price on the contract at its origin date. This contract guarantees the US dollar value of a future business commitment involving the purchase or sale of foreign currency. 
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    >> Multiple Product Combinations

    These allow companies to work with Square 1 to determine the best combination of options to purchase in order to enhance their global operations.

    >> Swap Contracts

    An agreement to exchange currencies on one date and to re-exchange these currencies after an agreed time period.

    >> Option Contracts

    Option Contracts provide the client with the right to buy or sell a specific currency at a predetermined rate on a fixed date. Our currency option mitigates risk by guaranteeing the buyer exchange rate protection and/or potential upside during a specified time frame pending bid acceptance or while an obligation exists.
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    >> Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)

    Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) is a contract in which no actual delivery of the contracted currency will occur at maturity. The only settlement/exchange that will occur on the maturity date will be the difference between the US dollar value at the NDF contracted rate and the US dollar value at the current spot reference rate or fixing rate.
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    >> Window Forwards

    Window Forwards are contracts with a designated settlement period rather than a specific settlement date. These contracts provide the same pricing guarantee as a traditional forward contract and are mostly used when a transaction is assured, but the precise delivery date is uncertain. This allows a company the option to receive or pay in a foreign currency at any time during a 30-day period.

    >> Additional Services

    + Customized Hedging Strategies
    + Market Orders
    + Foreign Exchange Market Analysis
    + Interest Rate Swaps
    + Foreign Currency for Travel

  • Global Trade

  • Correspondent Banking