Gone are the days of operating solely in your backyard, never having to work beyond your border.  Operations on a global level are no longer vast and impossible, they're expected.

Square 1 Bank provides products and services for entrepreneurs and venture backed companies to make entry into the global economy smooth and easy.

To speak to a member of our team about your need for global market services, you may email us. Or we can also be contacted directly: 

Stasia Harris , SVP, Treasury Management

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Global Trade

  • Correspondent Banking

    Correspondent Banking

    Our Correspondent Banking abilities will help you facilitate investments, payments, and business trade in foreign countries, allowing you to conduct business globally. Correspondent Banking allows you to access international markets and through partnerships with the world’s leading banking institutions, you’re still working with Square 1 for your international banking needs.


    >> Foreign Currency Deposits

    An investment deposit placed in a foreign currency at the country's prevailing interest rate for a set time period.

    >> Foreign Currency Accounts

    A foreign account in which the currency is that which the bank is located.