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Who We Serve

The Square 1 Bank team is a collection of seasoned bankers who understand and are committed to providing creative, flexible solutions that a growing business needs. Experience breeds creativity. After all, you’re the one with a dream.  You’re the one with the plan. You deserve a bank who doesn’t make you change everything just to work with them.

Are you purchasing equipment to build out lab space or create technology? Capital expenditures like this could provide an opportunity for you to secure financing.
Maybe you’ve already succeeded in generating sales. We could explore leveraging your accounts receivable as an option.
Has your company recently been funded by a major institutional venture capital firm? You may be able to leverage your equity with a lending solution from Square 1 Bank.

Are you designing or building products? Conducting trials? We may be able to assist you with leveraging your resources.
Instead of getting personalized solutions from other financial institutions, have you instead been offered a working capital line of credit, basic term loan or covenants that you may or may not meet? At Square 1 Bank, we think outside of that box to tailor a solution designed specifically for your company.

So let's get started. We make it easy to access our top banking professionals. Use our Let's Get Started tool to the left to be connected to your region's contact. 
Whatever your stage of development, whatever your financing needs, whatever your circumstances, Square 1 Bank can help you map the way forward. We’re here and we get it.