About Us

Innovators. Trendsetters. Multimillionaires. At first, they go by simpler names; dreamers, visionaries, entrepreneurs. At Square 1 we know the next big idea is often born on a cocktail napkin. We believe in potential. We know that clinging to the status quo is actually the riskiest proposition of all.

Square 1 Bank specializes in providing financial services to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We help growing companies and their investors navigate financial obstacles by providing access to funds and expertise. Our customized product offerings and unrivaled team of banking specialists provide a banking experience designed exclusively for you.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have experienced what it takes to make a dream reality. Square 1 Bank began like most other great ideas – in the minds of determined, creative and optimistic dreamers. With our record-breaking capital raise, we followed our aspirations to do something different in this industry, so we created a bank tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs like us. One that embraced a flat organization, offering access to our entire management team. A bank that is not transaction driven, but instead builds partnerships. We believe in earning your business, not trapping it. A bank that is focused – banking entrepreneurs and their investors is all that we do. It is 100% of our business. We serve our marketplace without distraction.

If you are that dreamer, that visionary, that entrepreneur, we want to help you with focused, creative financial services that are as innovative as you are.  

We’ve been there. We know what is needed. We get it. 

We are entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs.